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Some brochures will feature a sticker with Arizona Corporation Commission contact information. 

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Investor Resource Library


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Variable Annuities: What You Should Know

Describes what annuities are, how they work, and what charges you can expect; (2000, SEC).*   Free!

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Fighting Fraud 101: Smart Tips for Older Investors

Understand the psychology of an investment scam and how to protect yourself; (2007, FINRA).*  Free!

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Ask Questions

Know what to ask about your investments, the issuer, and the salesperson's background as well as how to troubleshoot problems; (2011, SEC).* Free!

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Tips for Consumers on Mutual Funds Sold at Banks

Avoid confusion and read this booklet before investing in this popular investment sold at your financial institution; (1996, ACC).*  Free!

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Viatical or Life Settlements as Investments

Explains what viatical and life settlements are, including the risks to consider and questions to ask before you invest; (2004, ACC).* Free!

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Senior Protection Guide

Protect yourself against the most common investment scams with this informative guide--a must for all seniors; (2010, SEC).*  Free!

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Free Lunch Seminars-Avoid the Heartburn of the Hard Sell

Know what to expect before you accept that free meal and the importance of verifying information about the investment before you buy; (2008, FINRA).*  Free!

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Smart Bond Investing

Get some tips on what factors to consider before investing in bonds; (2012, FINRA).  Free!

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What Every Investor Should Know

Refer to this comprehensive guide before investing; (2012 ACC).* Free!--single copy only.

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Trick$ of the Trade Video-FINRA

Learn the persuasion tactics that fraudsters use to separate you from your money; (2010, FINRA, 55 min). Free!

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