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Smart Fraud-Fighting Tips 

 for Older Investors

Con artists.  They’re masters of persuasion, using words instead of weapons to separate you from your money. They may ask you some background questions about your health, family, political views, hobbies or prior employers.  Once they know which buttons to push, they’ll bombard you with a flurry of persuasion tactics, which can leave even the savviest person in a haze.  Remember, the difference between a legitimate deal and fake one is that the real deal will be there tomorrow.  No matter how persuasive the sales pitch might be, employe the following basic defense strategy:  

Develop a refusal script.  
Practice saying "no."  By practicing the actual words, it becomes easy to simiply say, "I'm sorry, but I'm not interested.  Thank you." Or tell the pushy salesperson who is offering the investment, "I never make investing decisions without first consulting my _____."  Fill in the blank with a trusted, objective third party such as an attorney, accountant or family member who is knowledgable in money matters.  

Ask and check with a securities regulator.

Ask the salesperson if he or she is registered with a securities regulator.  If not, ask, "Why not?"  Verify the answers by contacting a licensed securities lawyer who can validate the exemption.  Most importantly, verify the salesperson's license status and disciplinary history by contacting the Securities Division's Investigator on Duty at 602-542-0662 or send your inquiry by

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