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Self-Directed IRAs and Fraud 

Unlike most IRAs, a self-directed IRA is held by a custodian that often allows investments in a wide variety of alternative investments such as real estate, tax liens, precious metals and private placement securities. Investors should understand that the custodians of self-directed IRAs may have limited duties to investors and generally will not evaluate the quality or legitimacy of an investment and its promoters.

While self-directed IRAs can provide a variety of investment choices, the Commission's Securities Division has observed assets in these accounts being lost through investment schemes. There are a number of ways that unscrupulous promoters may use self-directed IRAs to perpetrate a fraud on unsuspecting investors. For example, the promoter may:

  • Misrepresent that self-directed IRA custodians investigate and validate any investment in the IRA;


  • Exploit the investor’s fear of incurring a penalty and taxes due for early withdrawal of IRA assets thereby ensuring the scam continues without interruption;


  • Take advantage of the investor’s infrequent oversight since investments are typically held for the long-term; and


  • Capitalize on the lack of public information and absence of audited financial requirements typical of alternative investments.


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