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Choosing and Monitoring an

Investment Professional 

Need help managing your nest egg?  There are various types of financial professionals who can provide assistance in helping you reach your financial and retirement goals.  In many instances, the assistance of an investment professional is needed to provide perspective and guidance, especially if you don’t have the time or expertise to handle your own investments.

One way to narrow the search is to generate a candidate list by asking friends, family and neighbors, but then you need to interview this person to make sure you feel comfortable with their investment strategies for your financial situation.  Before entrusting your life savings with anyone, it is important to know what
questions to ask and how to verify the answers, which can save you time, frustration and most importantly, potential financial loss due to unsuitable investments and fraud.  

What should you expect from a financial professional?  No matter what type of investment professional you choose, you should receive the following services for your money:

  • A written summary of services and fees, 
  • A discussion of your risk tolerance,
  • A detailed explanation of the assumptions underlying your investment plan, and
  • A range of investment choices, and the pros and cons for each.


Read more about how to choose and monitor an investment professional.  To order free brochures and videos, visit the Investor Resource Library, General.